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Single CPU, Multiple Cores Dedicated Servers in Pakistan

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AMD Opteron Octa-Core  8×2.4 GHz 16 GB (DDR3) 2 x 2000 GB SATA 100 Mpbs Rs.15000.00 Order Now
AMD Opteron Octa-Core 8×2.4 GHz 32 GB (DDR3) 2 x 2000 GB SATA 100 Mpbs Rs.20000.00 Order Now
Intel Xeon® E3-1225v3 4×3.2 GHz 32 GB (DDR3) 2 x 3 TB SATA 1 Gbps Rs.30000.00 Order Now
Intel Xeon® E3-1225v3 4×3.2 GHz 32 GB (DDR3) 2 x 500 GB SSD 1 Gbps Rs.34000.00 Order Now
intel Core i7-6700 4 x 3.4 GHZ 64 GB (DDR4) 2 x 2 TB SATA 1 Gbps Rs.45000.00 Order Now
intel Core i7-6700 4 x 3.4 GHZ 64 GB (DDR4) 2 x 500 GB SSD 1 Gbps Rs.50000.00 Order Now
Quad-Core 4x 2.3 GHz 8 GB (DDR3) 2x 1000 GB SATA 100 Mbps Rs.12000.00 Order Now

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All these Features, all to yourself.

All of our dedicated servers come with world class hardware and premium bandwidth with best and interactive features as given below.

Maximum Performance

With our dedicated servers you get maximum performance with fast network speed easy and fast access to your data.

World-Class Support

Our experienced support team 24/7 available for your help by phone, ticket, email and chat.

Personal Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager will help you to manage your server and assist you about your account and provide you dedicated support.

DDOS Protected Network

Our network is fully secured from incoming DDOS attacks which enables you to host your websits, software, apps with ease.

Branded Server Hardware

We only use fully branded hardware for our dedicated servers which enables you to get maximum performance.

Our Optimized Network

Our optimized network enables you to access your site from anywhere in the world with low latency rate.

Dedicated Server Hosting in Pakistan

Dedicated server hosting enables the client to rent the entire server. It provides full control to clients of their servers. They have a complete choice of hardware and operating system. It is more secure and reliable than other hosting such as shared, reseller and VPS hosting. This hosting is ideal for large-scale businesses with a large amount of traffic on their websites or applications.

Many web hosting companies provide dedicated server hosting in Pakistan. In these hard times when inflation is at its peak clients are looking for cheap dedicated hosting. Cloudspace come up with its most affordable and cheapest dedicated server hosting in Pakistan in 2022 which makes Cloudspace one of the best-dedicated server hosting providers in Pakistan. You can check our dedicated server hosting plan and prices. If you need any help our support staff is available 24/7 to assist you via email, phone, live ticket and chat.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting has many advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Control

As users buy the entire server. It gives them full control of the hardware and software. They can make changes according to their requirements whether it’s hardware or software.

  • Security

Because users have full access to the server and it is not shared by anyone which makes it more secure. So security is much better in dedicated hosting.

  • Unique IP address

A dedicated server allows you to have a unique IP address and it’s only you who have access to that IP address so it can’t be penalized by search engines due to others’ fault which can happen in shared hosting.

  • Customization

A dedicated server allows you full customization. You can customize anything, anytime you want exactly as per your requirements.

  • Reliability

One thing which is most prominent with dedicated hosting is reliability. You can completely rely on it. When you are doing some important work and suddenly your server is down you will lose some important data or information but with this hosting its chances of a crash are far less.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Yes you can do that if you will have Cpanel or Plesk installed on your server.

Dedicated Web Hosting means you will be hosted at dedicated server hardware with dedicated network speed and dedicated Ips. All resources will be dedicated for you no one else will share your server resources you get 100% full root access to server.

You can upgrade RAM, HDD, IPs resources while placing the order.

We have 24/7 data center and servers management which helps to keep your server online with maximum uptime.

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