Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is an operating system where web hosting occurs with the use of a Linux based server. Linux is one of the more popular operating systems among various web hosting providers and internet users because it is free and offer flexibility, options, and customization for users and server capacity. It is also a more practical alternative to the preventive Windows platform. Linux-based hosting services are affordable, especially when compared to Windows-based hosting. However, in the recent past, various changes have brought about a more level playing field for both hosting services, so it is important to consider the pros and cons of both before you make a decision.

Difference between Windows and Linux web Hosting.

Linux hosting system has a lot of features as good performance, flexibility, stability, more security etc. but the windows have features that are suited for specific file and websites.

The main difference Linux and windows web hosting is the functionalities and files used. A website needing PHP, Perl, WordPress, My SQL SSH and applications that require specific Apache modules run better and more quickly on Linux based web hosting because it is specifically designed for this type of data. As Windos platform is ideal to host Microsoft Access, ASP.NET ASP classic, Microsoft SQL server and Visual Basic Development.

Linux web hosting is very reasonable and also has more features than windows, making it many web designers preferred choice.

WHM and cPanel are used on Linux-based hosting such as VPS, Linux Reseller and Dnux dedicated servers.

As Plesk panel can be used for windows shared and dedicated servers.

Linux and Windows systems need, use and store files. While Linux file names are case sensitive but windows files are not. Linux and windows operating systems are safe but Linux hosting is more secure. The security is more dependent on the setup and administration of the server.