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We offer fast, reliable and secure vps hosting in Pakistan. Allows you to host your website, emails, software and apps.

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Custom Server

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All Our VPS Servers Come With The Following As Standard

  • Your own server resources
  • Freedom to choose your own backups
  • Latest Servers
  • Extremely high and scalable performance
  • SSD Storage with replication
  • 1Gbit uplink
  • Fast, efficient upgrades
  • Failover hardware
  • DDOS Protection

Why get VPS from Cloud Space?

We have Pakistan’s most cost effective, reliable and secured VPS hosting with your own choice of OS (Fedora, CentOs, Ubuntu, Windows).

Instant, automated provisioning

Our automated vps provisioning system deploy vps instantly that allow you to start using your server within 10 min after placing the order.

Rapid, quality technical support

Our fast response experienced support team available 24/7 to help our customer by phone, email, chat and ticket.

Enterprise-grade Hardware

All of our VPS hosting accounts are hosted on A grade brand new branded hardware which enables fast performance and security.

FREE DDoS-Defense Mitigation

We have firewalls in placed to fight with incoming DDOS attacks to protect our network and vps nodes.

Virtual Console

We visual vps control panel you can manage your server, you can do reboots, reinstall os, backup and restore your backups easily with few clicks.

Choose your own control panel

Install Control Panel of your choice (Cpanel, Plesk, Web Admin)


A VPS is a server that resides on a physical server leased from a data center. It is then divided into many virtual servers, each with its operating system and applications. The popularity of virtual private servers, or VPS hosting, has grown in recent years. Businesses have come to realize the many benefits they offer. This setup allows businesses to save on the cost of renting their physical server while still enjoying many of the benefits, such as security, performance, and control.


Managed VPS hosting:

In this hosting host takes care of all the technical side and makes sure there is no virus threat or spam. They also handle software installs, troubleshooting and maintenance. It saves you time and cost.

Unmanaged VPS hosting:

It is a self-managed VPS hosting. You have to handle its maintenance, monitoring and changes by yourself. This is for the user who has the technical experience and user control.

Your Questions, Our Answers

We offer Fedora, Centos 6, Centos 7, Ubuntu and Windows operating system in both 32bit and 64bit versions.

You get 1 dedicated IPv4 with all vps hosting plans. If you want to order more IPs you can order by paying monthly fees 10$/month/IP.

Shared hosting comes with shared resources of RAM, CPU, HDD whereas VPS hosting comes with dedicated resources with Os of your own choice and Dedicated IP. Helps you to host your website, apps and software at your own server.

If you looking to host your website which has more traffic or software or app that need more cpu, ram and hdd resources or dedicated ip then we recommend you to choose at vps.

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