Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is a website hosting managed by a windows operating system.

Who should use Windows Hosting?

if your business’s tech relies on windows then windows server hosting is good for you, and for the technical professionals your company relies on to keep all your systems working properly will already know how to work with the windows hosting operating system.

Pros and cons of windows hosting.

Windows hosting is not for everyone, but it offers unique benefits for some businesses.

Windows is the most popular OS. With windows server hosting you have the option of using plesk control panel but with Linux hosting you use the cPanel.

If your business depends on a number of other windows tools then choosing a web hosting platform that plays nice with the various other software products and solutions you depend on will make your life easier. If a website was built using asp. Some companies uses Microsoft SQL server for their website and database they will also need to stick with windows server hosting. Basically if your business depends on windows programs you must need windows server hosting.

Where Linux web hosting has the cPanel, Windows hosting has the Plesk control panel (although it should be noted that Plesk is also an option available with Linux hosting, just not as commonly used with it as cPanel).  While many users that are already familiar with the OS can directly use the Windows server hosting interface, those that want something a little more user friendly can count on the Plesk control panel to make it easier to make updates and changes to your website.

As we talk about cons of windows hosting are it’s not secure as Linux hosting is secured. For business website security is an important consideration especially if you have an e-commerce website and selling something and you are getting financial data from your customers. If hackers hacks your website it’s very bad for business and for your credibility. While Linux web hosting is more secure as compare to windows based web hosting. But you can also make windows based web hosting secure by adding additional security softwares and extension to your website. Keeping all the website softwares up to date, and be careful about levels of access you provide to different people working on the site. Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux hosting.